I think in ideas and concepts, storytelling is my passion and my heart beats for NGOs and civil-society projects.
You can hire me as a freelance designer or call me for collaborations. The sky is the limit – I’d love to dream big with you.

I focus on NGOs and the field of Education, Art & Culture: Photography, Graphic/Editorial Design, Media Content and Visual Campaigns. My goal is to help you tell your story.


I have a degree (B.A.) in Media Design and a degree (M.A.) in Sustainable Development Collaborations. Combine these two and you get what I like to call Arts in Missions – art and creativity for a better world.


Born and raised in Franconia, Germany, I always loved art and stories. Later I was able to use these passions for journalism, art direction and creative projects all over the world.

In my own time I love a cup of hot chocolate, untamed stories and unique people. And dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs. My dog Samson and I have been haunting the woods all over Germany for 14 years now and we still fight over every single stolen sausage.


They are wonderful, they are brilliant and whenever I need my creative bar filled or am on the lookout for collaborations, these are the people I go to. If you are in need of an amazing artist, I absolutely recommend these guys!


Analogue Photographer & Coach

“What if…” – Ulrich looks at your ideas and your challenges and before you know it they have turned into gold. He is a true visionary, a dreamer of the rarest kind and if you have him in your team, nothing can stop you. Plus, he creates the coolest fine art photography. 


Singer & Songwriter

You may know her or her music as Liz & And The Lions. She travels the world, sings her songs and tells stories to inspire and challenge you. Be careful, if you attend one of her shows, chances are you will come out a different (better) person. Empowerment, freedom to be yourself and fighting the monsters of your everyday life are her main messages, as she is “learning to be dangerous”. 


Illustrator & Comic Artist

One of the craziest and most creative master minds I have ever met. This guy is a walking and talking dichotomy as he combines his many interests and hobbies to create unique and daring pieces. A freethinker with a heart of gold. He is your go-to-guy for all things that are supposed to make the world a little brighter and a lot weirder. 


Live-Illustrator & GIF Artist

This girl draws, animates and publishes a whole comic while you are eating your taco. Lea is a creative powerhouse with a sense for the beautiful little things that make every-day-life so special and fun. Lucky us, she shares her adventures in her webcomic and at countless live-drawing events and conventions.